Interview on the World of Elevators

You began producing elevator cabins and internal folding doors in 2005. Can you explain us your present situation stemming from the last 7 years?

Our initiative in the elevator sector began in another company in 1997; we founded our own company under the name Teori in 2005. The construction sector in Turkey was growing rapidly back then, this was an opportunity for us, we took advantage from this and produced 820 cabins. We could start making kramer doors a year later. The reason for this delay was because R&D on kramer doors had to be made and after finishing these processes, we completed the manufacturing of Kramer door with 1500 doors in 2006.


By increasing the number and quality of the products in the manufacturing sector of the cabins, components and folding doors in the past 7 years, Teori Mühendislik has achieved a higher level of customer portfolio.

In the first years our export was depending on intermediary firms but later on we affiliated on the export union and started direct export under our own business.

2. What's your production capacity? Can you briefly explain your products and certificates you have?

By increasing our sales and without sacrificing our quality we came to this position under the name Teori Mühendislik. Our minimum production capacity for cabins, can suspension and weight frame is 750 and 2500 for kramer doors.

Our company has a Teori trademark registration, capacity report and ISO 9001-2008 quality certificate. We also have design-patent specification for the kramer doors that we make. We found it necessary to gain this certificate because we faced problems on imitations of productions.

3-Can you talk about your policies concerning R&D, technology and quality, and about your operations in this aspect?

We continuously have R&D activities in our company and we direct these operations according to customer feedback. We also enhance the mountability and aesthetics of our products. For example as it is difficult to change ceiling lightings, we made ceiling hinges that can open. For the sake of another example, as changing the granite of elevator floors is difficult, we made the baseboards so that they can be removed and replaced again. In order that it is hard to bond the back mounting of the cabins, we placed clamps at the Rear of the cabins. All these innovations were aimed at enhancing the mountability of our products.

4-You renovate old elevator cabins with your decoration operations. Can you give some information about the demand for this? What's the position of decoration and renovation in the sector?

We have been carrying out decoration operations since our foundation. We made important projects with the leading companies of the sector. It is actually difficult to achieve onsite elevator building because you redesign an old cabins and give it a new form. However, we gave them a new shape with our own production techniques.

As I stated before, because the decoration phase is difficult, many companies are refraining from it. Even though we also had difficulties during some projects we continue this work with our present knowledge and portfolio. We have no doubt that there will be better, new and wonderful innovations in this sector in the future years.

Can you mention about year 2012 developments?

Economists were saying that year 2012 would be rather difficult back in year 2011. However, turnover rates increased in year 2012 but companies could not achieve their profits due to competition. I think that year 2012 was rather good on the basis of sector.

6- How do you think the elevator sector is experiencing year 2012? What are your predictions concerning year 2013?

As the rate of competition on the basis of sector during 2012 was high, the sector could not reach a good level. Many under the counter companies caused the competition to expand. I expect competition will decrease and we can focus on better work the following years.

7-What are your company goals for 2013?

Firstly I expect 2013 will be much better. We enhanced our machine park during 2012 so we are getting ready for 2013. One of our main goals for 2013 is the elevator show. We are aiming at getting prepared and display the innovations on our products with a good presentation.

In addition, we aim at reaching our target numbers on domestic and foreign sales and review our turnovers and expenditures.

I hope already 2013 will bring the sector good business and lots of gain.