Elevators are among the indispensables of the modern world. An indispensable part
elevators, which are a part of the elevator, transport people and save time in today’s fast-paced living conditions.
aims to prevent loss of life. This situation causes the elevator sector to grow every year and
development. In this article, the elevator sector in Turkey and Europe 2020
We will take a look at the state of the elevator industry in Turkey.

Elevator Sector in Turkey

With the 2010 “Elevator Regulation”, the elevator sector in Turkey
has gained an organized structure. Materials, maintenance, repair, assembly used in the organized sector
The increasing quality change in issues such as operations has changed this sector for the better. Elevator in our country
number of elevator companies has increased considerably in the last decade, this situation has also increased the competition of elevator companies to the same extent.
increased. The Turkish elevator sector had a competitive structure in 2020.
In order to prevent undesirable situations for those who will have elevators in our country, TSE
It is recommended that they choose among certified companies. TSE certified companies, quality
They also contribute to the growth of the sector by registering it.

Elevator Sector in Europe

In Europe, the elevator sector is highly developed. Applied in European countries
regulations, safety and quality are the most important aspects of the European
70% of elevators have modern and innovative apparatus. This means that people can move more comfortably, faster and
transported in a safe way. Therefore, the elevator sector is very important in Europe.
has a place in the elevator industry.
Among the leading companies in the elevator industry in Europe, countries such as Finland, Italy and Spain
leading companies. These companies are characterized by compliance with industry standards, quality products,
They are among the most popular companies because they follow technology and are innovative.

As a Conclusion

The elevator sector in Turkey and Europe is growing day by day. In the coming years elevator
sector will develop further, and with the help of technology, it will become a safe, modern and fast
transportation will enter a new era. High growth potential of the sector,
investors to this field and further increase competition in the sector. However, elevator
are necessarily produced to meet the needs of societies. Therefore, the elevator
companies that prioritize human service in the sector are seen to come to the forefront.
companies to act by taking this into account will help the sector to develop in a healthier way.
will contribute.


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